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If you own a dog, you should make sure that your pet is receiving proper amount of food or not. A dog should be given a balanced diet. For that you are recommended to make a diet plan for your dog that includes food items containing vitamins and minerals in their right proportions. As a concerned pet owner you should serve your dogs with an amount that is directly proportional to the amount of physical exercise it performs everyday. The dogs that are trained and undergo rigorous physical exercises should be given high nutrition rich food for energy generation. The following dog feeding tips may be helpful for you.

Information on Dog Feeding Tips
o Though vitamins and minerals take part in many important body functions, including metabolism, they should be fed to your dog in large quantities. Do not include any vitamin or nutrient supplements to the dog diet unless it is diagnosed to be suffering from any kind of vitamin deficiency.
o Do not try to bring big variations to the diet of your pet dog. Unlike humans the digestive system of dogs are not able to cope up with diet variations. As one of the important dog feeding tips try to stick to the same healthy food to which the dog pet food store near me used to.
o Remove the extra food from the dog bowl. You may find that your dog is not able to eat the entire food that has been prescribed by the commercial food diet chart. You are advised not to force your pet to eat in case it refuses to eat further. Dark brown crinkly stools indicate that your dog is fed with the right amount of food. In case your dog passes out stools that are firm in the beginning but are softer towards the end, your dog is over fed.
o Do not feed your dog in heavy amounts 1 hour before or after exercising. Even before taking your dog to a car ride. Otherwise, the dog would be suffering from bloating or torsion and stomach dilation.
o The breeds of medium o large sized dogs should be given food in a raised bowl. Otherwise, the dog would be engulfing quite amount of air while eating leading to the condition of bloating.

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