Spray on Bed Liners – 5 Tips

Spray on bed liners do more spray on bedliner just protect truck beds. There are also a great way to enhance and really finish off the look of any pickup. Since it’s a spray on coat, every liner is a custom fit. That means even older trucks can have the very best in bed liner protection. Here are 5 tips that may help you decide on a liner.

  1. Here’s why a guarantee works.

Key to a lasting coating is proper preparation and proper application. Since professional coatings come with a guarantee, you can rest assured that no step gets skipped. The trick really is getting the bed surface cleaned thoroughly and getting it sanded properly. Skip those steps and the bed liner coating may very well be gone with the wind. The guarantee is your assurance that it’s done right.

  1. Thick is key.

After all, bed liner coatings are still paint. Now, it’s multi-part paint that’s as tough as can be. But it’s still paint. The key to the coating is the thickness of the coat and the texture in the paint. The rubbery texture is the key to the cushion feel of the coat and the thickness means it can absorb lots of damage.

  1. It’s not that it can’t be damaged.

You end up scratching the coating rather than the bed underneath the coating. The thicker the coat, the more the coating can sacrifice before the damage makes it to the metal under the coating. The damage is reparable by a respray, but the coating is not immune to damage. The coat takes the hit, not the truck itself.

  1. Avoid the other problems.

Other liner options have advantages, but some have often hidden problems. For example, often plastic drop in liners hide water underneath until it’s too late. Too late to stop the rust that starts in the pooling water underneath a drop in liner. The water usually is there because the bed drains clog up and nobody notices since the liner hides the problem.

  1. Protect the protection.

Here’s the solution to heavy damage to expensive spray on liners. It’s as simple as adding a mat to the bed to cover the liner. Mats are simple, cheap and easy to put in and take out. With rubber or carpet mats, you can haul all kinds of tough cargo and still protect the more expensive liner. Keep the better liner looking good and use your truck most any way with a bed mat over a spray on liner.

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