Finding Great Prices on Professional Massage Tables

Some new massage therapists think that finding the right 마사지 to practice is the most important and most expensive part of setting up a massage therapy business but it isn’t. Buying Professional Massage Tables and chairs is almost always the most expensive part of opening up a massage therapy business. Professional Massage Tables and quality chairs usually cost thousands of dollars, but there are ways that you can get the high quality tables you want to start your business without having to pay retail price for them. Use these tips from experienced massage therapists to find great prices on the professional quality tables that you want:

Check With School Alumnae
The massage therapy school you graduate from should have a long list of former students who have their own massage therapy businesses. Call on some of them to see if they are ready to upgrade their existing tables and plan on getting rid of the tables they are currently using soon. If so you may be able to get professional quality tables that are in great condition for a fraction of what they would cost new. Remember that most of the time really good deals aren’t advertised and you have to go looking for them.

Visit local spas
Spas and high end resorts will often replace massage table that are only slightly used in order to keep up the appearance of having the top of the line equipment. If you talk to the spa manager you may be able to work out a deal to get their barely used Professional Massage Tables for very cheap. Building good relationships with spa owners and managers may also help you get a job or additional clients down the road as well. Networking is critically important in a business like massage therapy where word of mouth business can make the difference between success and failure.

Check the Internet
Most massage therapists don’t think about shopping online for tables and chairs because of the cost of shipping. However, shipping costs aren’t as high as you might think because some table can fold down to be quite small and manageable. When you shop online you can get great deals on both used and brand new massage tables. Often web stores will price match too, so you can save even more. Shop carefully and check the customer reviews of the tables that you’re considering as well as the prices to make sure you get a table that is high quality.

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