Choosing Clothes For Your Active Toddler Boy

Toddler boys grow like weeds, every time you feed them they seem to grow even faster. If you are a parent or grandparent purchasing clothes for toddlers can be a very tedious situation because they don’t stay in one size for to long.

At this age style can become a little more important in a toddlers wardrobe, they will be around more children by this age playing and making new friends. When shopping for the toddler stage make sure that you’re more practical conscious than fashion conscious. Toddler boys are very curious at this age, they love to get into new things such as dirt, mud or anything they are not supposed to.

They play hard and dirt seems to be drawn to them no matter what, so when buying toddler clothes make sure to buy clothes they can run, jump and play in, articles of clothing jungle boys strains are inexpensive and suitable for stains and tares.

It is always nice to have two different categories in a toddlers closet, a group for his play clothes, and a category for his nice or dressy clothes. For example play clothes could consist of plain white or black cotton t-shirts, fun t-shirts with logos from a favorite cartoon, breathable fabrics, loose fitting, jeans and shorts he could get dirty in. The main thing is to purchase items that are easily replaced and inexpensive.

His dressier clothes could be button up shirts of any color, polos, nice pair of slacks or nice jeans, items you spend a little more money on.

Depending on the season make sure to purchase your toddlers clothes accordingly, warm jackets one for play and one for nice occasions, play sweaters, dress sweaters, long pants and shorts etc. also keep in mind that spending a ton of money on these items is outrages, your toddler will be growing out of them very soon.

Second hand shops are highly recommended for the first years of a toddlers life, second hand shops are a great way to save money for clothes you will buy in the future, and find great deals on play clothes that can be easily replaced. Even at times a second hand shop is a great place to find dress clothes its like finding a diamond in the rough. Always be sure to clean the clothes you purchase at a second hand shop and they will come out looking good as new.

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