Modern Man – Flirting Tips For Men That Are Bound to Work

Most information that you come across offering flirting tips are aimed at women. As if women really need any help with flirting. So what about the guys? There are some really dismal male flirters out there. They throw cheesy pick up lines out and expect women to swoon at their feet. These are the guys who need flirting tips for men.

Take a good look in the mirror and if you are one of those kinds of men (be honest), please read on because the advice found below is for you. Flirting tips for men, to help you stop Niteflirtsignin a fool of yourself and help you get the girl.

Flirting is simply a method of connecting with a woman. Think of it as foreplay for foreplay. The initial flirting stage is when a woman will decide whether you are a stud or a dud. So doing it right is very important if you want to have any success with women.

To start off the advice I must tell you that women don’t appreciate being referred to by endearments right off the bat. So don’t mosey over and say “Woohoo baby! Looking good, whadda ya say we see how ya look without all those clothes?” Remember that you want to attract the woman not make her vomit.

To attract a woman in a crowded room you need to get close to her. This means in her general vicinity, not invading her space. Just approach the woman and meet her eyes. Smile and then occupy yourself with something else. This is where having a wingman comes in handy. Just smile at the woman and turn to chat with your buddy. Continue to glance at her and smile when you catch her looking back at you. This is the most important flirting tip for a man, before you can attract her you have to interact with her, eye contact is top of the list.

After a few exchanged smiles, if she hasn’t disappeared from sight move over and say hello. Tell her your name and compliment her. Again don’t be obnoxious, just pay her a compliment like this: “Hi my name is _; I just wanted to come over and tell you that you have a great smile.” More often than not she will respond with a thank you, give you her name and another killer smile. From there you simply have to be yourself, which means not a groin scratching Neanderthal but a nice guy who wants to spend some time getting to know her. Converse, if appropriate ask her to dance, or offer her a seat or drink.

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